The Harmony Story

Harmony was founded by a young group of entrepreneurs who aim to revolutionize the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry. Harmony will launch the international makeup brand, UMF, as its first brand to the SA market.

The idea for the brand UMF was developed in the United States of America. The innovative thinking and creativity formed the brand into being not just a product but an item with an exceptional look, touch and feel. Each makeup product is manufactured using the highest quality and contains no harmful ingredients such as lead and paraben.

UMF was formed in 2009 and within a few short years has made its way into different parts of the world such as the USA, U.K, China, Russia and now for the first time South Africa. UMF strives to hold high ethics behind its name such as being animal cruelty-free. UMF will continue to manufacture high-end beauty products, enhancing the beauty world with its creativity and attitude.

``Makeup can help you capture a moment.`` - Carine Roitfeld